I love knowing that I will receive a video of my pet each time I board him. It comforts me to know that he his being treated well and I look forward to seeing it.
Hi Dr. Jeff,

Thanks for the extra care. Wow, I never really thought about it, but I suppose when you have a veterinary hospital, you are on your own when it comes to critical cases, unlike the human hospital which is staffed by nursing all the time, and these days hospitalists. Your clinic radiates the fact that you and your team consider veterinary care a calling. I am just sick inside that by moving to Louisville we lost Masterson’s day to day clinical care.

You would get this: my daughter who started med school, after a week of anatomy class said “mom, I have to get a good grade in anatomy”, and when asked why: “because that lady gave her body so that I could learn and I don’t want to waste her gift to me”. I thought, ok mom, you did your job. She gets that healthcare is a duty and calling to serve others (I say, if the motive is money, get an MBA). Over the years, in the staff and docs who work with you, I get the sense that this is the theme at Masterson’s clinic. I am not one for social media but is there an Angies list or some place that you all care to have a great review posted? Let me know which and I would be glad to do so.

Jack is spoiled rotten, someone is with him virtually all the time, (although I am at work all day, the girls are home in and out), and that’s why he’s anxious, thanks for picking that up and trying to give him attention. My family says he’s a mommies boy, and I guess that’s true. Did you notice that he gained a lot of weight since his last visit? Probably because he talks me into treats for every time he goes to the bathroom outside, and has his routine about breakfast and all. He associates eating with being around the pack I guess. He does like turkey I discovered. Been feeding him this Merrick’s Turkey Dinner that he likes.

Much appreciate everything,

The staff and doctors at Masterson Animal Clinic are always courteous, patient and informative. When boarding my dog he always get’s the best care and always leaves wagging his tail.
You might be facing the difficult decision to euthanize your beloved pet. We recently had to do the same. Our chocolate Labrador Roc lived a wonderful, happy life. He lived to the age of 16, which is quite uncommon for a large breed dog. During the last few months of his life he was in terrible pain and the decision had to be made to euthanize him. As a family, we agreed Roc should no longer suffer and we spoke to Dr. McGregor about what the process of that would involve.

During this very difficult time, Dr. McGregor fully explained to us what would happen and left no question unanswered. Once the date was decided on, he and another member of his staff came to our home and in the most professional and loving manner, helped ease Roc’s pain. The doctor loved on Roc for a while and helped him relax. A few minutes after he started the procedure, our beloved pet passed away. Roc died with dignity and without pain.

We still think of the fun times we shared with Roc and how he made our life brighter but we know we made the right decision. We can’t express the appreciation we have for Dr. McGregor and his staff for helping us during this very difficult time.

Thank you Masterson Animal Clinic for all that you do!

We’ve taken our cats there and they are really great. When one of our cats had ear mites Dr.Bridgham took my two young sons back in the lab area to show them what ear mites look like under the microscope which is something they still talk about. They are sweet with our animals, and will sometimes call and follow up to make sure they are doing OK. The price is about equal and sometimes less than Southland Vet where I used to go, but left. I’m really pleased with these guys!
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Very pleased. They handled and treated my animal very well. The vet, Dr. McGregor, took plenty of time to talk with me about my cat and let me ask as many questions as I wanted. He left it up to me to decide whether to run certain tests and see price-wise where we were at as we were deciding. He was very practical and friendly. My sister has taken her dog here as well and saw Dr. Bridgham whom she absolutely loved. It was on her recommendation that I took my cat to this particular clinic when he was ill. I feel very confident recommending Masterson Animal Clinic since both vets were so reliable for us.