Get To Know Us

Masterson Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic located in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. We offer preventive care, flea and tick treatments, heart-worm prevention, boarding and grooming services and more. Need medications, supplements or specially formulated food for your furry one? We have that to. Contact us or stop by the office for a visit.

Masterson Animal Clinic offers a wide range of services covering every aspect of having a pet. Going on a vacation? Relax knowing your pet will be in a climate controlled dorm. When you pick up your friend, he’ll be clean and smelling great.

We offer everything from dental care, heart-worm prevention, flea treatment, pet micro chipping and more. We even offer pet loss services when that time comes too.

Doctor Biographies

Dr. Jeff McGregor

Upon graduation from the University Of Wisconsin- Madison School Of Veterinary Medicine, he practiced small animal surgery and medicine at St Matthews Animal Clinic in Louisville. He founded Masterson Animal Clinic in 1997.

He enjoys preventive care, dentistry, general medicine, critical care, geriatric care, hospice care, anesthesia and especially surgery. Communicating, listening, being patient, doing everything with integrity for the best outcomes possible for our patients is his mission.

Dr. Jennifer Bridgham

Also graduated from University Of Wisconsin- Madison School Of Veterinary Medicine, in 1996. She worked 2 years in general practice in a suburb of Chicago before moving to Lexington. She then spent almost 6 years at AA Small Animal Emergency Service, and greatly enjoyed the challenges and rewards of emergency medicine

Now Dr. Bridgham enjoys her daytime practice and the thrill of getting to know her patients almost as well as her own pets. This can happen several ways. Sometimes she will get to see a puppy be adopted, mature and become a treasured member of his family, and age gracefully into his geriatric years. Sometimes she gets to know all the quirks and mannerisms of a cat with a chronic medical condition because her devoted owner is committed to being a fantastic partner in managing the illness and visits frequently.