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Monthly Archives: January 2013


Rescue a Pet

Every year many dogs and cats are euthanize because they have been abandoned or can't be matched up with an owner fast enough. The next [...]

January 21st, 2013|Uncategorized|0 Comments

How Do Dogs Get Heartworms?

Don't worry, it's almost impossible for humans to get heart-worms however, dogs and cats get heart-worms from the bite of an infected mosquito. For those pets that [...]

January 13th, 2013|Heartworms|0 Comments

Are Human Foods Bad for Dogs?

Your dog stares at you with affection and patient expectation when you are preparing dinner for the kids. Although you want to satisfy your dog with a delicious morsel, don’t. What you feed your dog, no matter how it affects you, could make him ill or severely sick. Below are some foods that you NEVER want to give your buddy, no matter how pitiful a face he gives you. If you have given or your dog accidentally ingests these foods call us immediately! […]

January 13th, 2013|Diet|0 Comments